blogs blogs blogs, and not a drop to drink

the infamous blog, or weblog as it was once and former monikered…seems to be that everyone has one these days, and far be  it for me to judge but, i am sure some will adhere to my line of reasoning when i say that not all blogs are created equal, nay i further admit mine too is a long way from stardom, and i am compelled to offer (do with it what you will) the notion that some blogs aught not to exist though i doubt anyone among that subset would agree, i’ll not make referrence in support of fair play

i am told that  in order to maintain a successful experience, that daily posting is virtually a must, a do or die of abandonment issue. to that end i will make an effort to congeal enough coherent thought, and hopefully some highly readable critiques on my endeavors, or topical approaches to those fancifull issues taking root in my addled brain

to you the comsumptor of this inanity i offer a single morsel of solace…i will not lie, ok so maybe that is a lie for to be sure there are additonal morsels

ok for sure this time, i will not lie in the future…(says nothing to the present) i will in my inimical way presume that someone is at least partially interested in this madness…

i am not political, but i am angry, … angry at our current political climate…oh not at the politicians, i suspect were i one of them would act accordingly, but rather at you, or better …we… for “we” in our seemingly comfortable apathy have induced those with the dominance of will to assert control over our very lives

WE have allowed all this is to become through our lezze faire mindset. Make no mistake this is all our own fault, yours, mine, everyone who has reason to think…we, are to blame…

the question remains …how will we go forth…or will “WE” the people remain cowed in our little tiny miniscule fifedoms ( that we think we own)…

this too is all but an illusion, and in light of the advent which is surely upon us…it may all be mute…

back to the blog thing

i have resisted the frey for at first glance and mayhaps second seemed like such a waste of time…then someone told me, since i have all these thoughts anyway,  it would be a waste to waste them…start a blog they said, let the world know… what you do

so (and to all you toastmasters reading this, that was an intentional “so”) you are hereby notified world that i have a blog, and i am telling  what i know (which i am sure you will agree, not many will care)

but for the three of you remaining,assuming there are that many,  congratulations, nuggets of wisdom have been known to flow thru these fingertips, similcrums of ideas seemilgly float about from time to time and hence, i will endeavor , (i love that word) to capture them and regail you with my particular brand of puffery

this… is a gambit, i will also make every effort to provide the audio version, and where appropriate a female counterpoint…as i said i am not political, but that does not mean i am beyond an op ed piece from time to time… if something needs to be said i will do so with as little bias as i can muster.

occassioally i may repeat someone elses video news feed in the spirit of fair play…but in as much as news is concerned, i also pull not a punch, and there is no lens i use to screen save for common decency.

to be continued…




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