The Young Bard

Once upon a time, a young bard had the idea that he could make a maiden laugh, if he just told her joke after joke.  The problem with that particular strategy was not the jokes you see, nor was it the way he presented them. The problem you see was that the young bard had not thought it through.  He had based all of his plans and hopes and dreams , not on reality, for you see, had he paid attention to what people in the village knew and had been saying all along he may have had half a chance of succeeding. But the young sop was so caught up in his blind emotion and longing, along with an ego to match, he only saw what he wanted to see, as so very many of us do likewise.

This went on for sometime, each and every day the young mister would perchance to sojourn to his lady fair’s place of residence and proceed to offer her yet another humorous anecdote, and not from want of trying and to be certain some of his tales of wit were indeed very funny…the maiden neither smiled or laughed, at his chicanery, nay, neigher did she even bother to  cast a gaze in his direction…surely he thought she would be amused if she would only but look in his direction and see his smiling countenance. Sadly this was not to be, and as she toiled her day away, he had to leave her thence.

The young bard was having a hard time understanding just why all his efforts with regard to this very pretty girl were being met with what was tantamount to total ignorance.. As truly for all intents and purposes she had not, and was not paying the slightest bit of attention to him. He just could not fathom why…

So one day he deciced to do something more assertive, and this time when he approach the girl’s garden where upon he perchanced to see his lady fair  out tending to her flowers…made certain that he would be known to her by whistling a famous tune, and still she did not  heed his pleadings…totally frustrated now he went on into town and began to tell anyone who would listen, of his plight.

Now, it had been known to the towns folk that he had been persuing the young damsel with out success, and all In the town except he, knew why there had been no success…But not a one offered a clue, you see the young bard was not a friend of the people who lived in the town , for he had never done one nice thing for any of them..

And because of that no one would help him understand the reason she would not pay him any attention….for indeed if she had , she may have smile because he himself was fair to look upon, but the sad truth was he could only manage to think of himself , and what he wanted…had he been just a little less concerned about himself the people in town may have liked him a little more and told him that the pretty girl did not pay him any attention simply because she was deaf and could not hear all his entreaties…

So , the Moral is be nice to people and they in turn may be nice to you…




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