The Morning Burn

The absolute wonder of the morning is that if one allows, all things become new in the light of the sun, oh i know the the presses of life are still there and lurking around the bend of time and existance, but for just a moment we are afforded to see the beauty of life through the morning dew. WE are given to experience should we but choose to see, there is beauty in the simplest of things. I, myself have, though not always faithfully been a morning person, yet lately have taken to a morning walk, a brisk cardio stimulating quick step of a walk.
I feel the burn in my calves as the muscles not quite used to such early activity heat up, and i hear the birds chirp, yea, i do believe i can hear the blood coursing through my veins as my rythym intensifies.What a wonderful way to start the day, and i have my friend to thank, you know who you are.

We are such a fragile species don’t you know, what with all the subtleties of aging causing this to ache and that to hurt, to be sure these are real and valid concerns, and i, not the least among you to complain at my own such maladies, have discovered that if for just a brief snippet of time, can allow those discomforts to take a lessor role in my awareness.

For it is our awareness you see which determines what we have available to focus upon and only the strong among us can choose our own focus, as so very many of us tend to live by default, allowing our environment to choose for us because we havn’t taken the initiative to consiously make the choice ourselves.

The universe is both a friend and a harsh task master, presenting us with both oppportunity and consequence in the same thought.. as if to say, the infinite says unto us each day, “here is a new day, seize it by the horns and create a better world for all  whom you know. Here is another chance to change the world in big steps or baby ones, it matters not. ”

Sadly so many of us fail to read the invitation, for when we fail to acceed to the invitation to excell, we are then defaulted to all that should perchance to happen to us instead, and then we blame everyone save our selves for all the befalls us.

So…I challenge you as i have begun to challenge my self. Take a position and make a conscious choice to live today. Stand and become a part of the malestrom, make a difference if even a small one, and do not cast this invitation aside, for you will not get another day such as today!


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