and the sun also rises

As must we all the sun has risen anew…we are given another chance to make it right. The day is here now, there is of that no denial. Put forth your foot and step into new adventure. Let not thoughts of the day past cloud the new sun which awaits

You are given this moment and no other, make of it what you will, you will, but i beseech you my new friend, my old friend, and you who do not yet know  you are my friend…take heart and a small action to the end that you may enjoy a day as no other.

Yesterday is no more and tomorrow is yet to be, so said we may enjoy this moment to the fullest life has to offer, tis but a choice, else we sink into oblivion.

I choose to rise today, I choose to live new life not yet lived. I choose to be all i am able and to strive yet for a little more.

To you, I ask but one request.  I ask you not preconcieve a notion of what this day may have in store, for we know not. So, Step into the undiscovered country. Venture out and forth to those places in your mind you have not seen. Grab the day and hold fast that you may yet seek that which is new.

Hold fast to your quest in the face of all who fear to tread, care not for the whines of those who know not your load. For true wisdom abides deep within pure thought undistracted and will be observed to you with untainted eyes

Go forth look not back nor turn to salt…



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