Friday Morning burn, what time is it?

there is a chill in the air

the sky is over cast

the time is 6am,

and the day begins

or so it would seem

it would seem thus to you who

think in terms of divisions of time

today tomorrow…yesterday

valid concepts all

thank you universe for giveing me the strength

and yes the time yet once again to


for as i walk and lend a thought to that which have just spake

think on why we conscider time at all

for what purpose does it serve to memorialize

things people and places in time

events surely have and will happen in “time”

on time , ahead of time,  behind the times

all of the attention and focus given to the nature and condition of things people places and events in time

takes time

and thus lessens the time one has to be more productive in time

but you see here is the heart of it

the essence of why i think at all…because i have the time

and as i use this time

can i even sense that it passes without nary a hint of so doing

can i feel time, this time, that time, another time, some time


i cannot, and nay i doubt you can neither, taste the time, it is said one can tell the time

i ask, what do you tell it anyway, and does the time listen when you tell it what ever it is

when you tell the time…

now having expounded on all the ways ( and these are but a simple sample) that one can waste time use time spend time go thru time observe time, wait for the right time, have enough time or not enough time, be ontime, or be not intime. oh and yes some even watch as time flies

alas so must I for my time has flown and i am out of time because it is time for me to check the time which is neccessary if i am to time my arrival so i will get to where i need to be ontime…

the story speaker



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