what ever happened to Saturday morning cartoons


well the weekend hath arrived, and just exactly at the same time as it did last week and the week before…my summit approaches and the mind has strange thoughts when contimplating arduous effort, but suddenly as if from the very depths of the earth itself, a vision of spring, we see them all

the prize of the summit

over and pay little heed to the beauty and majestry of the humble white blossom cherry tree, a prize to the eyes, i am awed at what nature hath wrought and blessed me this day to be able to come into this moment with an open heart and mind. that to be thankful to creation, for the harmony which abounds inspite of all the adversity man has created. Nature pays no heed but forgives us and continues to provide our existance. shan’t we, miniscule beings take a lesson from our mother the earth and learn how to overlook discretion and disharmony and simply forgive to move forward. Nature does not hate, for truly were it so, we would not exist.

the prize of the summit awaits daily but today seems more robust in the morning light, the challenge of the hill long forgotten and so too the burn of the climb, i am rewarded with a life more lived for this moment. a thought of humility to bring into focus the awareness of my own humanity and how so very insignifigant we all are in the grand schema of all there is. how small our impact when seen from the universal eye, from far enough away we as a species can seem but less than a tiny speck in the cosmos not worth even a tiny mention in the annals of time immemorial.

take heed and listen to wisdom, care for your environs for surely as easliy as our mother cares for and nurtures us, can she too cast us aside as easliy as yesterday’s bread. be aware of that which surrounds you comforts you, gives you the very air you breathe, for if you were cast down upon venus, would not be able to breathe at all. take a responsible stand for what you do, no one else just you, for if each of us cares a little, it can add to a lot


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