The Burn, the wednesday burn and it rains

is it possible for a fire to burn in the rain, can we see the smoke of the ruins through the water which surely falls from the sky?

i burn this day not from physical, lo i burn from the awareness that so many have so little, and i am reminded to give thanks for my ability to be able to even so much as to say that i burn

the fire which rages in my belly is not from what i have or do not, no i am challenged to be mindfull that so many who have so much do so little for so many who have not.

i burn at you who sit in your ivory towers and do nothing for the plight of the poor and less fortunate…oh sure you write a small check one a month or once a year and then deduct from the taxes you pay that which you “DONATED”wednesday rain photo

i burn because you DO nothing, while they who could if you were of a mind do so much, choose to do nothing, while your money piles up in some account somewhere,,,how much is enough beyond what you need or even that which you desire. you do nothing

I am thankful i am given the opportunty to speak thus for those who cannot for they dare not lest their pleas be heard as complaint and the little which they have should be taken

i burn for those cannot afford to buy fuel for their own fire…oh ye rich and powerful wont you do a little more, for you have so much, take some time away from your play and harken unto the call of these little ones in need…give a little more of your excess surely you must know you cannot eccape this mortal plane with any of that which you hoard…you have reaped and gathered, so savor your victory oh ye powerful one…savor you victory you have won – nothing…nothing to comfort you in your eternity, for surely as you were born, you will also die as you were born with nothing and no one save your own soul, and your own awareness of that which you have wrought.

Oh ye powerful mortal beings why must you repress those who are less fortunate..why trod under foot those who cannot afford shoes, do you not yet realize that your shoes will not last for an eternity, do you not understand that you do not end when this vessel that you are ceases to you not understand that all you will have when you leave is either the love and joy in your heart or the hate and apathy…

I beseech ye who do not care for those among us who cannot afford to , be humbled in your knowledge that when you end you will be remembered…how do you choose to be thought of…


the Story Speaker


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