Cinco deMayo…burns like any other day


why do we celebrate…why make festivities to get all excited only to be let down at the end of the day

why do we feel the need to release all inhibitions in the name of this fest or that spirit, is there an underlying reason that no one wants made public   perhaps???

for truly it seems that when we celebrate with raucus laughter, and dance that something primal gets released

do our baser instincts take over…and must it always be thus?

some say it is but joi deVive, and others say we must pay homage to this deity or that…and yet still others deClaim that it is our duty as the higher form of animal on this rock to proclaim our dominance with frolic and myrth…bamboo

I have not done exhaustive research , nor have i performed an intense study of said issue…nay these are but topical ramblings of an amused mind contained within an addled brain jaded by time and circumstance of being a citizen of this corner of the universe…

for those of you who need to know, for those of you who want to know, this is what i know

i have never thought to inquire as to the nature of this day…as my personal heratage does not demand it,…but, this is what i have learned
It’s not Mexico’s Independence Day: Cinco de Mayo commemorates the triumph of the Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. This victory occurred over 50 years after Mexico’s Independence Day, which is celebrated on September 16
 so now you know, so now we all know

The topic of the day “CINCO De MAYO”…surely you will hear this phrase many times this day, but let not my musings sway your judgement on this day…go out and revel in the sunshine…venture forth and take in all that our mother has to offer on the 5th day of the 5th month…for some a day of rememberance of a battle once fought, for many a day to simply let loose…

what ever your reason what ever you passion…go enjoy and let your burn,burn bright!!!


the StorySpeaker


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