Monday May 16th Double Burn



Double because the Energy is high, sky bright blue, air crisp and clean and the  morning is chill. Muscles tense from a weekend of over use . I find that today my vibration is eminent in my thoughts, and it is with and for this emenation I am most thankful, for as we begin to step forth in to our new order of living, as we begin as a species to come to awareness, be it known that each of us vibrates and we do vibrate , but at a frequency as unique as snowflakes  .

Each of us is a realm unto ourselves and yet by the knowledge and awareness that we are but energy, can

we begin to understand how true meaning about our very essence can become apparent,

Thoughts come unbidden to most of us at random intervals and about random nuance. Most will not heed the advice and intuition these thoughts bring for they do not know from whence they come.  Take heed my friends for we are children of the universe, and though, we may have by design forgotten this fact, know that the universe has not forgotten us. For in all things God is amazing sunset

Here is wisdom today for those of you who listen to the heat of the burn within  my words.

A speaker in a film of recent times was heard to quote “may you live in interesting times” this was “disclosed” to some as a peek, or a hint of things to come” For as we are living proof of energy transmuted into matter, we most certainly live in “interesting times”

Interesting because momentous change is upon us as I write this, many will not see and lo, sadly will not know of, or even understand if they did, for their heart is not pure.

The Advent is upon us.. Now, .so listen and take heed who can hear. Know that you can choose your path to purity of mind and thought. This choice must be volitional, and one must know the choice being taken upon that volition.

Choose wisely my friend  for I cannot say you will or will not be given another chance, this awareness of which we speak has come into being of a time in the cycles of all things made from energy…

Ye think that because you cannot see energy that it is inconsequential. Ye think that because ye cannot hear the moments passing ,  they do not, ye Believe ye are  powerless to affect change.

Here is the heart of the matter of which I speak today, here is my burn…

You are made of me, and I am made of you, we are each of us and all of us bound together in one energetical form known as the human race, and while we seem to be separate, because we each vibrate at a unique frequency, we are not, we are the same, we are one energy, as birds of a flock are separate individuals they are a single entity, and think as one being…one and several and so it goes when we free our minds from guilt of association with perceived fault and contrived evil. When we open our hearts to begin to allow the energy of all there is to flow within and around, and when we task our bodies with a quest to obtain that which is good and wholesome rather than listen the negative energy which pervades our sphere of influence.

Turn away with you own will of mind to seek the good direction of health and life, Look to clean force and clean thought about your own life and activities, and do not be swayed by those who will have you look the other way.

There are many who would take from you that which is good only to sell you that which is bad…

My friend this is what to do…listen well


When you are presented with a choice, listen first to your own heart for it already knows what is good for you, and if you sense the least bit of conflict…walk away…your heart knows before you can even think for yourself, for this is the universe speaking to you, through you

Listen first to your heart, do not second guess and think unto yourself that you the ego mind can make a better choice for you cannot… listen to your heart first,

for this…

is the voice of God.



The StorySpeaker


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